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We help leaders achieve business agility through sustainable operating model improvements.

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Why Kingsmen Business Agility?

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We have a different perspective on how to make your operating model transformation stick. Agile Training and Agile Transformation are not the goal. Business Agility — adaptability, resiliency and the capacity to respond to change at speed — is the goal.

Start Your Path to True Business Agility.

Kingsmen Business Agility (KBA) uses customized training, workshops and leadership development to help you make your agile transformation work. We coach and consult leadership to make sustainable operating model improvements tailored to your context.

The Kingsmen Approach

We take our flexible and proven framework and adapt it to your context.

Objectives & Key Results

Your Why – What problem are you trying to solve? How will you measure the results?


Your Context – Where are we starting?


Ensure Clarity and Speed – Our agreements / staying aligned

Decide & Enable

System Changes – Where are we going?

Meaningful Measures

Feedback – What are the results? How are we doing?

Continuous Learning

What did we learn? What’s next?

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We have experience working at startups and Fortune 50 companies implementing operating model transformations from within. We know one-size doesn’t fit all so our proven framework is designed to be flexible and to adapt to your unique needs.

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