Kingsmen Software Products


Healthcare intelligence. Fast.

TSquare provides a clear picture of the health of your practice, enabling you to identify and affect trends across your organization.

Some of the insights available in TSquare are:

  • Efficiency of teams
  • Patient Flow
  • Allocation of resources
  • Cost & Profitability per visit
  • CPT reimbursement trending
  • Referral pipeline health


Skip the reporting.
Paint the picture.

Seurat enables instant decision making. Instead of taking months to generate and manipulate a single report, Seurat gathers data instantly, showing relationships from disparate sources you couldn’t see before.

Seurat will save you significant time with instant insights.

  • Platform spend vs. user roles
  • Platform spend vs. group resources
  • Key types of applications vs. who uses them
  • Business processes affected by applications