With TSquare, there are hundreds of ways to look at your data, bringing you a level of operational intelligence you didn’t believe was possible.

TSquare Dashboard

TSquare helps you drive efficiencies throughout your practice

  • Identify Best Practices across your organization
  • Find average revenue by Appointment Type, Payor Mix
  • Access multiple Dashboard views to clarify Physician/Team needs and find efficiencies
  • See Patient Flow views from high level to individual activities like:
    • Wait Time
    • Time With Technician
    • Time With Doctor
    • Time In Testing
    • Check In, Check Out
  • Benchmark capabilities by sub-specialty, location, day or any other segment

It’s not easy to find the data needed to support operational decisions.

Data is difficult to aggregate from multiple centers within a practice.

  • It’s in many locations, on different servers and platforms.
  • It might take days or weeks to get the above information within traditional systems.

TSquare pulls your data to a common warehouse, and transforms what you are able to gain from it.

Within a few short months of using TSquare, you will begin to see benchmarking and best practices within the organization. For example: the number of minutes spent by each technician per appointment, per day & month, per their assigned doctors, and as compared to how others are performing the same tasks.

TSquare Patient Flow
TSquare Patient Flow 2

Enabling Hospitals and Multi-location, Multi-doctor Healthcare Organizations to Set Goals and View Data in Hundreds of Ways.

You can set and follow goals on any defined data; over time, see how practices and doctors are adapting to the information at their fingertips. Now you can proactively decide that a doctor needs another technician or that there are best practices at another location that can advise how this doctor and team adjust.

TSquare is fully configurable for your business and branded for your organization.

See examples of how others have driven profits to the bottom line.

Beyond Business Intelligence.