Seurat provides instant answers to your most critical application portfolio questions.

With a complete view into your portfolio, business value chains, people and the relationships between them, you can quickly determine the facts.

  • What are my Key Financial Applications, and who uses them? How many are in-house versus vendor relationships?
  • What are the top 5 applications by number of people using them?
  • What is the total platform spend? How many resources are dedicated to my group and in what roles?
  • What percentage of my users are located away from headquarters?
  • If I migrate or discontinue this application, what business processes and people are affected? If I add an application, what applications might it replace?

Actionable information in one place. Immediately.

In the world of Seurat, you have the answer in the time it takes to pose the question.

You need a view into your full inventory of applications. Not just the data but immediate actionable insight without manipulation and excel sheets. Seurat connects the dots of your disparate data sources by combining them into a single holistic view where you’ll see relationships you never could before.

Seurat provides answers to your – or your Regulator, Auditor or Board’s – most pressing questions. Evaluate your portfolio in new and dynamic ways. Visualize and articulate relationships in seconds.

Better analysis. Better decision making.

If you’re running your tech organization as a business, you know the importance of data driven investment decisions, funding prioritization, demand management and cost containment. Through fact-driven analytics, you have a clear path to the right choices when managing your portfolio.

Engaging, extensible and fast, Seurat accelerates application management with a powerful birds-eye view of your technology organization.

Connect the dots with Seurat.