Kingsmen and T1V To Deliver ThinkHub Agile™ Solutions

Last night, Kingsmen Software unveiled its Interactive ThinkHub Agile™ Multipanel Wall, developed by Charlotte’s T1V, a global innovator in visual collaboration software for enterprise, education, and active learning environments.

In a collaborative effort between Kingsmen & T1V to assist organizations and their teams transform to Agile with a hands-on approach, Kingsmen showed off its T1V Interactive Wall with patented ThinkHub™ technology to a select group of technology leaders from Charlotte and surrounding states. Attendees came to hear global DevOps leaders give keynotes and sit on a panel of local CIOs and CTOs to discuss how to lead in the DevOps space.

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At the event, Kingsmen Partner Kevin Carney demonstrated several ThinkHub features, including AirConnect, ThinkHub’s mobile companion application which allows remote users to view, control, and digitally point at the ThinkHub Canvas from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Stylus Mode recognizes stylus versus touch events, allowing users to fluidly use touch gestures to move objects, a stylus to annotate, and the back of their hand to erase. With AirConnect TouchControl™, users can also control live device content from ThinkHub’s digital Canvas. These features enable seamless stand-up meetings with easier movement of meeting assets around the screen and real-time updates into the system of record.

The confluence of T1V’s phenomenal visual collaboration solution and Kingsmen’s expertise in Agile allows the partnership to serve one of the fastest growing needs in large and mid-size organizations. Kingsmen Chief Agility Officer Kelley Horton explains how T1V technology dovetails with Agile development practices. With T1V Interactive Walls and ThinkHub collaboration software, “customers can move to Agile actively and visibly, with ThinkHub™ connecting people, technology and practices. Companies can gather geographically dispersed employees, facilitating Big Room planning that’s advanced and user-friendly.”

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T1V Director of Sales and Marketing Adam Loritsch adds, “with Kingsmen, T1V is excited to develop ThinkHub Agile – a product that will facilitate Agile development processes and transformation in large organizations. Together, our two teams will bring our respective areas of expertise to create a solution that will make the adoption and practice of Agile more fluid, intuitive, and easy to maintain.”

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About Kingsmen Software

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