Kingsmen Software Hosts DevOps Leadership Symposium, Becomes DORA Certified Partner

A week ago, Kingsmen Software hosted a select group of technology leaders from Charlotte and surrounding states for a DevOps Symposium with DORA – DevOps Research Association. Attendees came to hear global DevOps leaders give keynotes and view a panel of local CIOs and CTOs discuss how to lead in the DevOps space.

DORA collects data and performs DevOps assessments to create high-impact, evidence-based tools for companies wanting higher performance. DORA’s Executive Team came to Charlotte to give a two-day training to its three east coast partners: Kingsmen Software, Pivotal, Inc. and DellEMC. This training enables the partner companies to perform the DORA assessments and access the rich research compliled by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO of DORA. Dr. Forsgren gave the closing Keynote regarding the deep data that is driving change in companies that DORA assesses. The opening Keynote came from Jez Humble, CTO of DORA, covering leadership aspects of DevOps.

A panel of CIOs and CTOs from DellEMC, SJ Technologies, Kingsmen Software and Pivotal addressed what it means to lead in the DevOps world, as well as within organizations. How to get an organization to high performance was a main discussion point. Over 50 attendees socialized before and after the event with DORA and Kingsmen’s Chief Transformation Officer, Chris Nowak.

“The audience was full of Charlotte technology leaders at full attention. It was great to bring global speakers to this market to engage and motivate Charlotte to stay at the front of DevOps tooling and thought-leadership,” says Nowak. Following the event, Kingsmen was recognized as an official partner of DORA, certified to perform detailed DORA assessments.

DORA event T1V lo

Kingsmen Partners Micah Minarik and Kevin Carney demonstrated Kingsmen’s new Agile Wall, an incredible interactive tool delivered by T1V of Huntersville, NC, and another new partner for Kingsmen.

About DORA DORA has spent years researching what high performance means in the context of software companies, and discovering the factors that predict it. We want to transform the IT industry by instituting a scientific approach to software development, product management, and organizational transformation. We created DevOps Research and Assessment both as a vehicle for our research program, and to create high-impact evidence-based tools for companies that are as passionate about high performance as we are.

DORA DevOps Research

About Kingsmen Software

Kingsmen Software is a software development company that crafts high-quality software products and empowers their clients to do the same. Their exclusive approach, The Kingsmen Way, combines processes, tooling, automation, and frameworks to enable scalability, efficiency, and business agility. Kingsmen’s craftsmen can be found collaborating in the historic Camden Cotton Mill at the corner of 5th and Graham in Charlotte, NC.

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