Chris Nowak Joins Kingsmen Software as CTxO

January, 2017 – Charlotte, NC — Chris Nowak joins Kingsmen Software as CTxO Kingsmen Software takes another big step in their rapid growth, adding new Chief Transformation Officer Chris Nowak.

Nowak spent many years inside large banking organizations where teams across the entire SDLC struggled with the same problem – delivering higher quality software faster, with consistency and transparency.

As Head of DevOps at 2 of the 4 top US banks, he was able to create teams and services which enabled CIOs and CTOs to deliver the solutions their business partners needed in order to stay ahead of their competition. Chris has repeatedly transformed cultural, procedural and organizational challenges into successful delivery services.

Chris is now looking for his next challenge. He is stepping outside the confines of large organizations and joining Kingsmen where he is designing and running the new Transformation Advisory and DevOps Services Group.

Kingsmen Managing Partner Micah Minarik says, “We sought someone with recognized industry leadership, who can offer strong advisory as well as deepen our technical ability to serve our big bank clients.” With 20 years of experience in Change Management, SDLC & DevOps, Nowak is that person and more. “Nowak’s known abilities and proven leadership fit seamlessly with our goals; as CTxO, he will ensure that we scale and adapt as we grow.”

Most recently at Bank of America, Chris led a combined organization of Automation & Process Engineering, Platform Systems, Client Engagement / On-Boarding, and Deployment Operations. His teams fully automated and supported over 800 applications from source to prod and implemented a large scale, rapid response service delivery capability.

After Bank of America he spent a short time consulting to executives on DevOps transformations. He helped them free up intellectual capital by coaching them through culture changes, value stream optimizations and modern automation practices.

When he found Kingsmen Software, he found the perfect niche to not only advise on transformations, but also create a wide range of options and services which give clients choice and structure they need to accelerate their strategies.

Nowak says, “There are few companies that have the skills, structure and experience to do things right, but that also have passion. Kingsmen has a holistic understanding of their clients, the passion to help clients find their “awesome”, and is structured to deliver better than anyone else I have seen. That’s the team I want to be part of.”

Prior to his IT career, Chris served in the NY Army National Guard for 15 years, retiring as a captain and helicopter pilot. Chris holds an MS in Electrical Engineering and BS’s in Physics and Electrical Engineering. He also has a US Patent in DevOps Methodologies.

He believes that…”A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”. ~ Lao Tzu

About Kingsmen Software

Kingsmen Software is a software development company that crafts high-quality software products and empowers their clients to do the same. Their exclusive approach, The Kingsmen Way, combines processes, tooling, automation, and frameworks to enable scalability, efficiency, and business agility. Kingsmen’s craftsmen can be found collaborating in the historic Camden Cotton Mill at the corner of 5th and Graham in Charlotte, NC.

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