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Better Graphs and Dashboards - Learning Information Design from a Cookbook

Kingsmen Analytics™ · Tyler Hughes, Craftsman

Published Jan 30, 2018

If your holiday season is anything like mine, eating is a statistically significant part of it. To earn my quarry, every year it falls to me to cook a portion of the holiday meal. It sounds nerve-wracking, but I don’t mind - cooking is my favorite and most enduring hobby. My grandmother gave me my first cookbook when I was five years old, and I’ve loved cooking ever sense. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized that many of the things that endear me to cooking also pull me towards data science. There’s a scientific discipline required to follow a recipe, but learning cooking techniques and flavor profiles allow a cook to experiment and push boundaries.

Separating Hyperplanes - Why Mathematicians Make Bad Bloggers

Kingsmen Analytics™ · Tyler Hughes, Craftsman

Published Aug 29, 2017

...When I saw Kevin's LinkedIn post, I realized that machine learning, along with other data analytics topics, are intimidating to people who haven't studied them. It's hard to blame people for feeling overwhelmed when the lessons are as convoluted as the Wikipedia article I snagged the hyperplane separation theorem from.

Visualizing the Present and Future of Data Visualization

Kingsmen Analytics™ · Tyler Hughes, Craftsman

Published Jul 12, 2017

When one of my clients needs me to build a data visualization, it’s important that I know how to use a wide variety of tools so that I can tackle their problems using their available resources. However, Kingsmen Software also tries to stay on the bleeding edge of the tech industry. This requires us to explore emerging technologies and experimental tooling, instead of relying on potentially outdated industry staples. The same is true for data visualization.

Keep the Change: Vacation vs. Software Delivery

Kingsmen SDaaS™: Software Delivery as a Service · Kevin Carney, Managing Partner

Published Jun 26, 2017

...I recently returned from a fantastic Spring Break vacation in Orlando with my family. On the way home I remarked to my wife how similar planning a vacation is to creating a software product. “Oh really?” she placated. “Enlighten me.”

What is DevOps? Scaling (Part 2)

Kingsmen FlowStates · Chris Nowak, Chief Transformation Officer

Published Jun 14, 2017

I promised you I’d dive deeper into two things – Our Kingsmen DevOps Reference Model, and the secret scaling sauce of DevOps.... ...In our view, CALMS is a great foundation, but since it is a high-level mnemonic, it doesn’t capture the complexities of transformations in larger, older organizations. First, in practice, it is IT Team focused without enough detail on business and culture, essentially the holistic systems view. Second, the cultural component (which includes leadership) is much broader than a bullet point can capture. Third, we’ve seen that dev teams naturally gravitate towards CALMS, but operations (any post-production activity) is often left behind.

Using Jupyter Notebook for Powerful, Stunning Data Analysis

Kingsmen Analytics™ · Tyler Hughes, Craftsman

Published Jun 07, 2017

If you're an experienced Python developer, it's unlikely that I'll need to sing Jupyter's praises to you. It's a fantastic tool for general exploration as well as documenting programs. Sure, it probably isn't going to be your platform for hardcore development, but it's way more than a niche product.

What is DevOps? - It Depends (Part 1)

Kingsmen FlowStates · Chris Nowak, Chief Transformation Officer

Published May 16, 2017

What is DevOps? ...I think this is the most underrated question about DevOps. No one wants to ask it because they don't want to appear uninformed. The truth is that it depends. The answer is not simple and it depends on you, your goals, your organization, your situation and your culture.

Plan to be Awesome

Kingsmen Key · Denise Beachley, Chief Program Evangelist

Published May 05, 2017

...Often when it comes to growing software, we set the wedding date before we’ve met our soulmate.

I was born to be a planner. I started my career as a math teacher and lesson plans were imperative to deliver a good course. I shifted my career slightly to teaching adults how to use a computer …and a whole new level of planning was required to be able to answer the questions I never thought I’d get. Then, a few other career changes where I used my innate planning skills (developer, managing a development team and managing projects)…

Turns Out You Can Practice and Preach

Kingsmen Business Agility · Kelley Horton, Chief Agility Officer

Published Apr 13, 2017

As I embark on a new adventure with Kingsmen Software, I find myself reflecting on how I got here. All the way back to my Industrial Engineering Technology days at the then called 'SUNY College of Technology' in my beloved hometown of Utica, NY, to my new role with Kingsmen as 'Chief Agility Officer' (cool title except the acronym sounds too much like a farm animal), I have been in some type of product development role for over 30 years now. Good heavens I'm old.